• Kim Decina

Movement vs Exercise

I bet after reading that headline you’re thinking, uhmm Kim, movement and exercise is the same thing! But…did you know that exercise is only one component of human movement?

Human movement, also called physical activity, is movement carried out by your skeletal muscles that requires energy – so any movement you do during the day falls into this category (walking, reaching for something out the cupboard, pushing your shopping cart, etc).

Exercise, however, is planned, structured, repetitive & intentional movement aimed at improving or maintaining your physical fitness – like those classes at your gym or fitness studio. You’ll see that this subcatergory of human movement is always geared to RESULTS, whether it be cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition or a combo of all of them.

So now that we know what the difference is, it’s crucial to highlight that MOVEMENT (not exercise) is the flip side to being sedentary – so if you’re prone to the ‘sitting disease’ your aim shouldn’t be to immediately join a gym and start exercising…NO…rather focus on incorporating more movement into your daily routine.

As a Biokineticist, I see many clients that are battling with the repercussions from being inactive, and it is always my top priority to help them make their first vital lifestyle change: to become more active. I’ve seen first-hand how adding movement to someone’s life benefits their health and well-being, both physically & mentally.

So let's get up & get moving!

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