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Why Everyone Needs a Biokineticist

It's a common assumption that Biokinetics is only for people who have undergone surgery or who are seriously injured. But, did you know that Biokineticists actually help to treat a wide variety of conditions for people of all ages and walks of life? Yes, that means you too can benefit from seeing a Bio! ;)

1. Biokinetics is a Game Changer

It's no secret that the most important thing for any athlete is to get back into the game ASAP, and that's why they see a Biokineticist to help them recover from their injuries and get back to training as quickly as possible. But Bio isn't only effective as a recovery tool, but even more so as a preventative tool. Athletes who see a Bio even before an injury occurs, can gain valuable knowledge on possible injury risks and how to address them, to prevent future injuries knocking them out of the game. I'd say this prevention is even more valuable than recovery.

2. Take Control of your Life

Imagine being able to live a pain-free life without any limitations/restrictions? Biokineticists help people living with chronic pain to improve their mobility and functionality so that they can return to doing the things they love (be it a hobby or physical activities). Biokinetics can improve your quality of life and independence, now who doesn't want that?

3. Take Control of your Health

Research proves that exercise is medicine! Biokineticists are qualified to prescribe exercises for people with chronic diseases and disabilities, which helps them manage their health issues by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, aiding in weight loss, and much more. All of which contributes to reducing chronic heart disease, strokes, obesity, hypertension, Diabetes, etc. Biokinetics can help you make a meaningful and sustainable lifestyle change to take control of your health.

4. Find your Balance

Balance issues are common and can be seriously detrimental in the elderly population, due to the associated high fall risk. Biokinetics incorporates balance training by improving your proprioceptive awareness, which in turn reduces your risk of falls and increases your confidence on your own 2 feet.

5. Continue your Career

An injury can suddenly cause havoc in your life, by reducing your ability to work and thereby impacting your livelihood. Thankfully, Biokineticists can assist you with injury recovery and get you back to your work as soon as possible.

6. Preventative Care

If you're considering starting a new sport/activity, or if you want to return to exercise after a long period, I'd suggest seeing a Biokineticist first. A Bio will not only educate you on how to safely start/return to exercise, but they are also able to identify any muscle imbalances that you may have grown use to, that can lead to future injuries. IAddressing these early on will ensure that you can enjoy your new sport/activity safely!

As Biokineticists, we work with patients from all ages and lifestyles, helping them manage their pain, improving their mobility & functionality, and educating them on injuries and risks. We are movement and exercise specialists and can tailor plans to help anyone and everyone achieve their goals.

So let's be honest...everyone needs a Bio!


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