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Push Up


Your guide to build a body that moves better

by a qualified Biokineticist / Clinical Exercise Specialist

Hatha Yoga


by building a body that


from the comfort of your own home

The MOVE BETTER program was designed to help you address your aches & pains​ by teaching you how to move better. We are giving you all the tips you need to start reducing your pain by: correcting your posture, developing body awareness, improving your mobility and increasing your strength & stability.

MOVE BETTER is suitable for anyone who wants to live pain-free, prevent future injuries, move better and move more.


  • If you're injured - this program will guide you through the essentials of exercise rehabilitation from home, to make sure you come back even stronger than before

  • If you're not injured - this program will educate you on how to build a body that is strong and mobile to prevent future injuries and to simply move better!

Everything you need to take care of your body!
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You will learn how to:

  • Address your aches & pains

  • Correct your posture

  • Improve your mobility and range of motion

  • Activate your weak/underactive muscles

  • Reduce tension in overworked muscles

  • Create stability around your joints

  • Improve whole-body movement mechanics


Get individual online/in-person support from Kim Decina Biokineticist

  • Discussion/Assessment of your injury or symptoms

  • Tailored exercise rehabilitation program just for you

  • Specialist advice

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